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Privacy & Data Security

Mr. Workman counsels companies regarding compliance with state, federal and international regulations and restrictions on the collection, use and transfer of information, as well as on the crafting and implementation of privacy policies.

Privacy and data security issues also arise in the areas of behavioral advertising; mobile marketing; social media policies; blog rules; “do not call” restrictions; compliance with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA); CAN SPAM and state email marketing statutes; the Communications Decency Act; as well as HIPPA and state medical privacy laws. Mr. Workman has experience to guide clients through these complex and diverse legal compliance areas.

Recent, significant developments include the General Regulation on Data Protection (GRDP) implemented by the EU Area (European Union and United Kingdom) and a similar personal data statute that takes effect in California in January 2020. It is reasonable to anticipate a federal legislation in this area with a goal to minimize, if not prevent, a patchwork regulatory framework.