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Contracts & Licenses

Mr. Workman has over twenty years experience in negotiating and drafting all manner of contracts.  Extensive experience in contract law is essential for any client who is searching for an attorney to negotiate, or even merely document a deal that has already been negotiated to finality.  Mr. Workman has negotiated and drafted more than 5,000 contracts over the span of his legal career.  Mr. Workman’s expertise in contract law extends to all manner of business contracts and agreements.
Mr. Workman is a commercial contracts lawyer and business contracts attorney serving Chicago, Illinois and the Chicago suburbs.  Mr. Workman also prepares business contracts and commercial agreements for law firm clients in Los Angeles, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Miami, Florida and throughout the United States and abroad.

Under contract law, licenses are a special type of agreement. Licenses are a grant of rights from the rights holder (the “Licensor”) to another party.  The party receiving the grant of rights is the “Licensee.”  Licenses may be non-exclusive, such that the Licensee is not the only person or entity that is authorized to exploit the property (whether personal property or intangible property or intellectual property), or they may be “exclusive.”  Exclusive licenses can be exclusive as to “territory,” or duration, or as to specific right within a larger bundle of rights included in the license.  Because license agreements are an essential form of contract when dealing with intellectual property or intangible property, license agreements are particularly prevalent in the media, entertainment and Internet/ E-Commerce industries.

Businesses profit by making and implementing deals. A deal can be informal, based on understanding, trust and a handshake. But, business is business, and putting a deal in writing should never be a matter of "mere technicality" or an affront to honor. It is an incontrovertible fact: prudent business practice demands that a deal be committed to writing. And that written contract should bring complete predictability to the parties' business relationship. To the extent possible, the contract should remove all doubts and ambiguities as to foreseeable, as well as to unforeseeable, problems or difficulties which might arise. Some of the most vicious disputes in business are between former friends whose trust, for whatever reason, devolved into suspicion and acrimony. If the deal is worth doing, it's also worth documenting.

Mr. Workman’s years of experience negotiating and preparing a wide variety of contracts includes the following type of business contracts:

  • Software Development Agreements;
  • Software Licensing Agreements;
  • Talent Agreements;
  • Television Production Agreements;
  • Television Distribution Agreements;
  • Motion Picture Production Financing and Distribution Agreements;
  • Motion Picture “Negative Pickup” Production Agreement;
  • E-Commerce Terms and Conditions of Use and Access
  • E-Commerce Affiliate Program Agreements;
  • Content License Agreements;
  • Terms of Service (hosts and ISPs);
  • Terms of Service (credit card processors);
  • Privacy & Data Security Contracts (all media, including web content);
  • Content Licensing Agreements (all media, including websites);
  • Co-Productions Agreements (all media);
  • Joint Venture Agreements (all industries);
  • Partnership Agreements (all industries);
  • Domain Purchase Contracts;
  • Domain Lease Agreements;
  • Website Development Agreements;
  • Website Sale Agreements.