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New & Traditional Media Law

The "media industry" encompasses the full range of businesses which transmit or disseminate information en masse to the public or private sectors. Traditionally, this industry included newspapers, periodicals, television and radio. Today, the industry has expanded to include the Internet, CD-Rom and other multi-media platforms.

The term "media" refers to the means of transmission, not to the content of the transmission. Therefore, "media" extends to all species of programming; including entertainment, public affairs, news, business and financial data. It also includes the advertising industry, as commercial messages must be disseminated to the public in some fashion, whether through print or electronically.

Mr. Workman has experience in representing all manner of media companies, including direct marketers, advertising agencies, television and radio stations, magazines, IMM software developers, web site designers and Internet Service Providers.

The legal issues which face the media industry extend beyond traditional business contract issues to also include an attention to intellectual property, libel and slander issues and privacy/publicity rights. The DMCA also plays an important role for online media providers.